Nigerian Dwarfs and Mini Lamanchas for sale

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Fun, economical companions!

  • Small size, fit easily into large doghouses
  • Friendly temperaments
  • Kids available throughout the year
  • Great 4-H projects and companions!


Nigerian Dwarf Goats


These goats are a nice manageable size.  The can and the cat give you an idea as to their size as kids.  Our adult goats easily fit into a large doghouse (and they like sunbathing on the roof!).  Goat boarding is available.

About our Nigerian Dwarfs:
  • Kids can be weaned here before you bring them home or you may bottle raise them at 3 days old
  • Most of our kids are imprinted at birth. We handle them immediately so that they bond easily to humans
  • Manageable size, economical pets
  • We'll dehorn if you request
  • Wethers make great pets too, unlike bucks they don't smell and are just as friendly as does
  • We have Nigerian Dwarfs, Mini-Alpines and many crosses available throughout the year
  • You may want to be added to our waiting list for best selection
  • Use the link below to learn more about goats, but please be advised that when you get information on the World Wide web the source may be using methods based on their goals such as meat or dairy production.  Those practices may not pertain at all to raising miniature goats like ours.  Or they may be basing their advice on conditions in Texas or Australia!  Please take these things into consideration when gathering information,  We urge you to ask us questions!  Your local vet will also be a good choice for information..

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