Food Waste Composting

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The Next Step in Organics Recycling

  Food Waste from Garden Fresh Salsa
Tuthill Farms and Composting, Inc. receives food waste from companies such as Google, Garden Fresh Salsa, University of Michigan, Zingerman's,  and others.  These materials are mixed into our grass and leaf windrows and composted.  We are pleased to partner with companies seeking to produce useful compost instead of disposing organic wastes in the landfill.
We recommend compostable tableware sold locally at Party City stores and through AL & S Solutions.  Contact Thad Cummings at 248-982-7024 for more information.
Tuthill Farms and Composting, Inc. would like to assist you in hauling your food waste so feel free to give us a call.  Contact Sandra Tuthill at 734-449-8100.

Call us for more information about what we accept in the food waste category.  Prices range from $3.00 per cubic yard to $14.00 per cubic yard.
Generally, we prefer pre-consumer food waste and prefer non-liquids, but give us a call to discuss your recycling needs with us.

Garden Fresh Salsa Composting at Tuthill Farms
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