Food Waste Recycling

Around one third of Michigan’s waste is organic material, with almost 15% being made up of food waste. In the right conditions, this organic material could be broken down into compost. However, when organic waste - like food scraps - end up in a landfill they break down anaerobically (without oxygen) and produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas more harmful than CO2. When you simply separate your compostable material from your trash, not only are you diverting it from landfills but you are also helping to enrich soils and improve the overall health of our planet!


Composting transforms organic waste into a soil-like material that can provide enrichment for crops, gardens, lawns and houseplants. Composting your yard, garden and food wastes diverts these materials away from landfills and at Tuthill Farms and Composting, we convert this into compost. Not only does this provide an incredible product to enhance your garden or yard, but contributes to overall soil health and has immense positive effects on our environment!


Do you want to reduce landfill waste at home while contributing to healthy soils and the overall health of our planet? Tuthill Farms and Composting has clean and effective options that provide a practical solution to household food waste.

Commercial Food Waste

Tuthill Farms and Composting is available to compost food waste commercially for your business (restaurants, grocery stores, small business, etc). In the past we have worked with companies such as Garden Fresh Gourmet and we are excited to work with more businesses in the future.


Although the backyard composter shouldn't compost meat and dairy products, at a large scale commercial composting site such as ours, we have the ability to compost such materials. Feel free to include meat and dairy post consumer material in your food waste. Please contact us with any questions or for more information.


Food Waste Recycling

We accept food waste at our composting facility. Please follow the guidelines to the left to find out what we accept! Let us know you have any questions.