Dispose of Yard Waste and Organics

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Due to recommendations regarding the  Covid virus, Tuthill Farms and Composting is open with modifications.  Our procedure for dropping off organic material is as follows:
-Hours are Monday-Saturday from 7am-5pm.  You may come during this time to drop off bags or loads of material.  
-There is a barricade of signs across the driveway.  Please stop there! No one is checking in customers and we are self serve only for drop off until further notice.  You'll see a black drop box in the middle of the driveway.  Deposit cash or check there.  We recommend that you use gloves for any surface you may contact.  No credit cards allowed.  Further instructions and pictures of load prices are displayed on the barricade.  Contact info is posted there as well in case you have any questions.  
-Even though this is self serve we are still working nearby on site and have surveillance.  Thankfully we can offer a way for you to use our services but we will not tolerate anyone coming in after 5pm or on Sundays.  
-Go to our Map page as we have 2 farms and want to direct you to the right one at 10505 Tuthill Road.


Disposal Prices


Leaves, grass, brush, logs under 2 feet in diameter,  $20 standard pickup truck bed
$15.00 per cubic yard for trailers
Leaves, grass, brush, logs under 2 feet in diameter   This load is $30.00

Bagged Yard Waste


Leaf bags:  $3.00 each

Please empty and remove plastic bags.

Paper lawn and garden bags are acceptable.


Other materials accepted

Grass, leaves, lakeweed, brush, small logs or stumps under 2 feet in diameter:  $15.00 per cubic yard   (minimum charge)
Logs over 2 feet in diameter:  $20.00 per cubic yard
Firewood:  free dropoff upon approval
Clean topsoil:  free dropoff upon approval  
Fill dirt, sod, soil with rocks or roots: $5.00 per cubic yard
Manure: $5.00 per cubic yard
Food waste: $10.00 per cubic yard  (limited to business only at this time)
NOTE:  we no longer accept stumps.  Small shrub and tree stumps under 2 feet in diameter are accepted.

Where to dispose of treated lumber, other items

Since we don't take treated lumber, landscape timbers,  construction lumber and trash you might want to know where to dispose of these things locally.  We recommend Monroe's Rubbish.  Click on their website below for a list of what they take and rates as well as directions and hours.  Stumps are accepted at I75 Aggregates in Holly Michigan at 248-328-0780

Monroe's Rubbish

Compost, topsoil and mulch for sale

For prices and information go to our
farm compost, topsoil and mulch page at

Farm Compost, Topsoil, Mulch
Materials Accepted
  • Leaves
  • Grass
  • Brush
  • Soil
  • Sod
  • Logs
  • Stumps
  • Manure
  • Lakeweed
  • Christmas trees
  • Wood chips
  • Pre-consumer food waste
Not Accepted
  • Trash
  • Treated lumber
  • Construction demolition
  • We reserve the right to reject any load containing trash
Certified Compost
Faciility Info

State of Michigan Compost

Facility List

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